Monday, February 1, 2010

Big East Week Preview – Abbreviated Edition

Connecticut @ Louisville
Once again, Louisville gets the nod for ESPN’s Big Monday tilt, this time at home against UConn. Instead of jockeying for Big East supremacy, both teams are scratching and clawing for an at-large berth. Joe Lunardi currently has UConn as the last team in and Louisville as the last team out of the tournament.

UConn struggles with their half court offense, but U of L likes to get out and run as well. Kemba Walker and Jerome Dyson are seasoned guards that should handle the pressure well. Ultimately, UConn’s inability to stretch the floor with a dangerous shooter will come back to haunt them. Samuels will shut down UConn’s bigs and provide help if Walker and Dyson can penetrate past U of L’s sagging guards. Where have you gone Doron Sheffer?

Louisville 75
UConn 71

The week’s remaining games will come later tonight.


Rubie Q said...

Not bad, buddy.

Devil's Threesome said...

It baffles me that UConn doesn't have a dead-eye shooter. You are UConn, can't you find some whitey from Worchester Catholic Prep that can fill it up from outside?

Dyson and Walker can penetrate at will, but they can't dish to anyone who's remotely a threat. Walker has only attempted 1 more 3 than Stanley Robinson.