Friday, February 12, 2010

Big Tree Fall Hard

News out of South Bend is putting doubt on Luke Harangody's ability play on Sunday against St. John's after coming down too hard with a rebound last night. While I generally don't wish serious injury on anyone (except Bo Ryan), the thought of Harangody suffering a light sprain and losing half a step is kind of encouraging. I'd prefer that Marquette not have to try and match up against him come March 6.

On another note, while most people think Harangody looks like the love child of Shrek and Sloth from "The Goonies", I notice an uncanny resemblance to Gary Busey. Frightening!


EMoney said...

Agreed. Although we've fared quite well against ND the past couple of seasons with Gody.....that was with the big3 of course.

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

harongody is going to get his for ND so he doesn't worry me except if he collects fouls by Zar and Jimmy. The key to beating ND is to not let anyone else go off with harongody.

EMoney said...

Nice Yahoo excerpt regarding the Big East:

"Still, what’s becoming clearer is that if a team as good as the Huskies can finish 11th in the standings, then the Big East is without question the top conference in college basketball.

No offense, Big 12, but you’re not even close.

The Big 12 may not feature pushovers such as Rutgers and DePaul. But other than Kansas and Kansas State, the conference doesn’t appear to have any schools capable of making any sort of significant postseason run – especially now that Texas is in the tank.

That’s hardly the case in the Big East, where no one would be surprised if Syracuse, West Virginia, Villanova or Georgetown made it to the Final Four. The middle-of-the pack schools such as Louisville, Marquette, Pittsburgh and Connecticut would finish in the upper third of any other Big Six conference."

I'm glad someone is recognizing this, because it seems as if most would just think that if UConn finishes 11th(roughly), that must mean that they're just really bad.....rather than, the other schools actually being really good and competitive. Alot of ball to play yet, but I'm curious how many Big East teams will likely get in this year. I'm thinking 7 tops....over/under of 6.5.