Monday, February 1, 2010

Brewers On Deck

The first rumbling of baseball season in Milwaukee took place this weekend. Brewers Fan Fest, or whatever the hell it's called, went down over at the Midwest Airlines Center. By all accounts it was a pretty big hit, drawing over 10,000 fans. Every player except the snowed in Todd Coffey and the flu stricken Carlos Gomez was in attendance.

Big stories out of the event:

-Prince Fielder's contract. Get ready for a long year of talking about this. Hopefully Prince doesn't let it get him down, or make him press to try and prove his worth. Prince you're gonna be here for one more year(ish) after this one. Regardless of what happens, you're going to get a healthy raise next year. After that he'll undoubtedly get an even healthier one, probably from Boston or some other deep pocketed AL team.

-Corey Hart's impending arbitration hearing. Hart apparently requested a raise from his $3.25 million last year, to $4.8 million. And apparently he is prepared to go to a hearing to argue that that is what he deserves. What I want to know is how in the blue hell does he plan to make this case? In case you forgot Jon put together a .260/.335/.418 season last year, with 12 homers and 11 steals (in 17 attempts). He also compiled a tidy little K/BB ratio of 2.13/1. Which would've been awesome if he were a starting pitcher*, but he was doing that with the stick. And I know he missed some time with the appendix and all, but he still played in 115 games. How much would he really have improved those numbers if he had played an extra 35-40 games? If anything they may have gone down, since his hottest part of the year was the very beginning. I can't blame the Brewers for taking a hard line with him. Hey Corey, if it wasn't for the arbitration system you wouldn't be getting a raise at all this year. I don't know that this is the proper time to draw your line in the sand. But good luck with that dude.

*For the sake of comparison Gallardo 2.17 K/BB, Parra 1.76, Suppan 1.08

-And last but not least the team is still open to the Mark Mulder idea, but in apparently in no hurry. From Tom Haudricourt:

"Pitching coach Rick Peterson said the team was in a "wait-and-see" mode on a possible signing of left-hander Mark Mulder, who is mulling a comeback after missing most of the last three seasons with injuries. "It's going to be Mark's decision as to whether he wants to come back," said Peterson."

I've taken the liberty of highlighting one little tidbit in there that I thought would particularly interest those amongst you who insisted to me that Mulder was not left handed. Who's the man now dawg!?!?



Devil's Threesome said...

Congrats on depending on a Haudricourt column to verify your stance 2 weeks after our discussion you cheese-faced bitch. I'm not sure what that insult means, but the kids on The Wire say it a lot.

Master Reid said...

To be honest I had acutally forgotten all about the argument until I read that article today. Either way, I don't get to say I was right very often, so I wasn't going to pass it up.