Thursday, February 4, 2010

Bring on the Friars!!

Big win last night. It was ugly as hell and I never thought I would pine for a Tim Higgins officiating crew, but we still got the W and are back to .500 in conference.

Great quote from Buzz in the Journal Sentinel today:
"We beat Providence without their best player; they'll be excited to play us," said Williams. "How it'll all play out, I don't know. I know if we're not very good tomorrow in practice, it trends toward us not being very good on Saturday."

I was thinking the exact same thing and I love how he positioning that game as an absolute fluke. We'll have our hands full on Saturday.


Rubie Q said...

God, those last five minutes of the game were painful. Apparently, Fat Tracy thought he was getting paid by the hour.

Devil's Threesome said...

It was getting so agitated. I had to take a leak, I wanted to get to trivia night and all they were doing was fouling. At one point I shouted, "I've never hated watching basketball so much!"

EMoney said...

Back to 0.500! MU didn't play their best game yet were still able to essentially coast to victory. Buzz must have read my 3 key's to the game because they really hit on all 3 which was nice to see.

Providence looms large! A win at the Krispy Kreme Dohnut Hole Center for Crazy Relatives would be HUGE! Would put us over 0.500 and get another nice road win which is essential for our tourney lives at this point.

I would also like to add that the USF game is looking completely different today when compared to November. They are currently on a 4 game win streak after knocking off consecutive ranked Pitt and @G'town. Looks like we will need that Saturday night home atmosphere afterall.

Deedub said...

FML. It took over 45 minutes to play the final 6 minutes of that game. It was pure ugliness.

Not as ugly as a guy wearing a MU stocking cap while inside, but still pretty ugly.

Rubie Q said...

During a break in the action last night, post-halftime:

Deedub to Rubie: Why don't you wear a stocking cap inside, like D3?

Rubie to Deedub: You know the answer to that.

Deedub to Rubie: Not from Nebraska?

Rubie to Deedub: Not a douche.

Devil's Threesome said...

OMG, I don't know what FML means, please fill me in DeeDub. How's your first day, post-JG coffee fetcher?

As for the hat - it's tradition.

Deedub said...

Fuck. My. Life. Those last 6 minutes was like watching the Badgers play.

sleeping in this morning was pretty nice. not looking for boobs was a little depressing.

Rubie Q said...

Well, you still looked for boobs. You just didn't get paid to do it.