Friday, February 12, 2010

DePaul Working On Five Year Plan

No 'Big Daddy' fans, Tracy Webster is not going to become a fry-cook at Hooters (or is he?).

Someone in the DePaul Basketball office must have read my comments regarding their lack of local recruiting. Apparently, Tracy Webster has offered 8th grader Jahlil Okafor of Rosemont a scholarship.

I give Tracy props for making the move on some local talent but I don't think offering an 8th grader a scholarship is a surefire way to go from interim to permanent head coach. How does this help the team short-term beyond some crazy free PR (which isn't a bad thing)?

Some quick hits on what made Jahlil attractive to Tracy:
1) He's really tall... 6-foot-8 in 8th grade and projected to be 7-foot-3.
2) He's distantly related to Emeka Okafor who had an impressive Big East tenure with UConn.
3) He was the #2 rated player in the 13-u category for AAU nationals last summer.

The kid has a lot of upside but this is clearly a PR ploy. I wouldn't object to Buzz scouting him as a potential big man.

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