Thursday, February 25, 2010

"It's Indiana" vs. "Grrr, I'm A Mean BADGER!", Part the Second.

In the post-St. John's haze, we've neglected to mention that tonight comes the remix of UW-Madison vs. IU, or, as I like to call it, "Count Orlok from Nosferatu vs. the Snakeoil Salesman." Of course, you already know who you should be rooting for*, but, because I get so much shit for being wrong, I'd like to take this chance to remind y'all of two things I wrote almost two years ago:

First, after Tan Tommy's presser at IU, pre-Buffet:

Crean said: "This is a challenging situation; I hope you realize that." Rubie interprets: Please don’t fire me in two years when we finish 8th in the Big 11.

Current standings in the Big 11:

Purdue 12-3 24-3
Ohio State 12-4 22-7
Michigan State 11-4 21-7
Illinois 10-5 18-10
Wisconsin 10-5 20-7
Minnesota 7-8 16-11
Northwestern 6-9 17-10
Michigan 6-9 13-14
Iowa 3-11 9-18
Indiana 3-11 9-17
Penn State 2-13 10-17

Tied for ninth place! Damn, off by one.

And then I said this back in May '08, when the Buffet was still in her infancy (and I was still putting a bit of effort into my posts, instead of mailing them in by linking to stuff I've already written):

... in two years, when IU is still looking up at Northwestern in the Big 11 standings, it won't matter how long the fucker's contract is.

Fist pump! High five! Ninja kick!

Try to keep it within 30 tonight, TT. Your job might depend on it.

* A slow carbon monoxide leak. Let's go CO!


Mr. Sparkle said...

Within 1 and having it be 9 vs 7, I give it to you. Well done Rubie.

On a music video related note, The Walkmen song "In the New Year" had a nice little tribe to CO.

It'll be nice to see the cold handshake between TT and Bo "That wasn't a fucking foul" Ryan

Rubie Q said...

No handshake for you, Mr Sparkle.

Crean has clearly lost his mind. I don't remember him getting a tech at Marquette, and tonight he gets TWO, gets run, tells the official "FUCK YOU" five freaking times as he walks off the court, and then kicks the shit out of the locker room door.

The descent into madness is a strange, terrifying thing.

Mr. Sparkle said...

Classic. I'll have to look for some video later.

Devil's Threesome said...

I haven't seen it yet, but the MU message board reaction was that IU fans loved it. That doesn't surprise me, remember, these folks are still pining for Bobby Knight. Could it be a calculated move by Crean to curry favor with the restless natives?