Monday, February 22, 2010


A couple of quick hitters from yesterday's game.
  • I am still giddy over the win. Huge road win for MU. The RPI got a nice boost. Now, they need to take care of business at St John's & Seton Hall
  • Senior leadership really prevailed. Lazar, Mo and Cooby all stepped up big. That being said, the player of the game was Jimmy Butler. Another gutsy performance from the Texan.
  • MU's undersized guards continue to struggle defensively. They were getting beat off the dribble repeatedly in the first half, which lead to dump-offs to UC's bigs or wide open treys.
  • UC is a mess up and down the bench. Yancey Gates didn't play the last 12 minutes of the game. Lance Stephenson only played 11 minutes and Cronin brought Deonta Vaughn off the bench. There is no doubt that UC has substantially more talent than MU, but they don't play together and don't give maximum effort. Gates needs to lay off the Skyline and get on a fitness program.
  • Cincinnati is a football school, gentlemen. They only had 10k at the game yesterday. This was probably their biggest game in 4 years and they couldn't fill the joint on a non-NFL Sunday.


Rubie Q said...

The Gates thing really puzzled me. He was more than a handful down low. Is it just conditioning?

Deedub said...

No excuse for Gates to not be out there. Cronin coached afraid and that's why MU won.

EMoney said...

Conditioning? I don't think so. I would say that it's more of an effort/discipline thing. Which is why the likes of Gates, Vaughn, and Stephenson came off the bench and weren't in when the game was on the line.

Mick does not have control of that team, which (as D3 alluded to) has more than enough talent to be a legitimate NCAA tournament team. He may be able to recruit highly touted players (ie. the typical Cincinnati ball player that is athletic and talented, but is not a "scholar-athlete" to say the least), but he cannot control them the way Huggins did/is at West Virginia. I don't foresee Mick coaching this team in the near future.

Also regarding Mick, I was listening to the local post-game coverage on AM 700 WLW, and was very surprised at how Mick handled the loss. Essentially he put the blame on 2 calls that the refs did or did not make.

1. Can't remember if this was at the end of reg or OT, but after a Buzz timeout, Jimmy was isolated on the baseline, took his man off the dribble down the baseline, and attempted a reverse layup..... Whistle blows putting JB on the line for 2. Mick said that it was a clean play and the ref blew the call.

2. When UC put the full-court trap on in late OT and had Lazar trapped on the sideline in front of the UC bench. Mick was ademant about Lazar throwing his elbows to get separation from the defenders and said an offensive foul was obvious. He went on to say that Lazar even thought he was going to get called for the foul.

He said these 2 calls were likely the difference in the game. Way to let your emotions get the best of ya on the radio Mick.

In other news, there are whispers that Lance Stephenson wants to transfer out of UC. This may be why he isn't playing nearly the minutes that he was early on in the season.

Rubie Q said...

but he cannot control them the way Huggins did/is at West Virginia

... when they weren't lighting their roommates on fire or punching police horses, of course.

EMoney said...

C'mon Rubie, I was referring to on the court "controlling". Nobody cares what they do off the court at UC.

PS. I really wanted to start the "You won't graduate!" chant yesterday. Unfortunately we were slightly outnumbered so I thought better of it.

Rubie Q said...

I knew what you meant, $, but I can never resist the opportunity for a good horse-punching joke.

EMoney said...

D3 - I would like to add Joe Fulce's performance to your list of quick hitters. Without his extraordinary performance yesterday, we likely aren't talking about this big W. That being said....props to Mr. Joseph Fulce! Yesterday was likely his best performance wearing the blue and gold.