Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something Funny For Those That Hate Louisville Cardinals

John Hollinger wrote a "Biggest NBA Disappointments" article on today. And I found this one tidbit particularly amusing.

He's a lottery pick, he played three seasons in college and he plays for a team with a limited bench. Yet, he still can't get on the floor. Ladies and gentleman, I bring you Earl Clark, the early leader in the race of the biggest draft bust of 2009. Clark sports a PER of 6.99 on 37.1 percent shooting in 36 appearances, and increasingly seems to be falling out of favor, playing a total of seven minutes in Phoenix's past three games.

Hahaha!!! I will forever be able to hear the high pitched, southern drawl squeals of the the portly Joe Bob looking fellow that sat behind me at last year's MU game in Louisville. "DON'T GIVE IT TO EARL!!!" "AWWW, EARL!!! WHAT THE...." "JUST TAKE 'IM OUT ALREADY!!!!" Absolute priceless comedy gold. After hearing a Earl's game broken down so eloquently, by someone that probably watched a lot of him in college, I can't say that I'm terribly surprised at his NBA production being a disappointment. I bet Phoenix is looking forward to someday having a team centered around Clark and Robin Lopez. Hell, New Jersey has the good Lopez brother and they're 4-47.


EMoney said...

Case in point why so many of these GM's really don't have a clue about talent. I'd be willing to bet that if any of us here at the QB were the GM of the Suns, NOBODY would have even thought twice about selecting Earl Clark in the lottery. Ha! He wasn't even that good in 3 years at Louisville! But everyone love's that word "upside". To me upside means, not good now, likely not good later.

You are a Baffoon said...

Ahhhhh Louisville them dar were sum great mem'ries. Clark is and will forever be a donkey.

EMoney said...

In other Louisville Cardinal news, I heard on sportscenter this morning that Rick Pitino is rumored to be contemplating a return to the NBA ranks. I suspect that he is tired of the scrutiny as a college head coach and would prefer to work in the NBA where things are swept under the rug easier.

Master Reid said...

I too heard this on Mike & Mike (Heeey Greeny! Yyyees Golic!)this morning. I just hope he remembers that Larry Bird ain't walking through that door. It would be interesting to see where he would go. Undoubtedly it will end in disaster as all NBA coaching assignments do.