Thursday, February 25, 2010

This One's For SBTG.

Hey, remember Marquette's first two Big East games this season -- the one against West Virginia, where Jimmy Butler* clanked the front end of a one-and-one with MU leading by one, and the home game against 'Nova, where Jimmy short-armed a one-footer that would've given Marquette the lead?

Yeah, I don't remember those either.

* This is normally the point where I'd advocate calling someone who goes by "Timmy" or "Ricky" or "Bobby," "Tim" or "Rick" (or "Dick") or "Bob." Sadly, I can't do the same with Jimmy Butler, because I have an uncle named Jim Butler. And that'd just be weird.

If the Late Game Jitters Demon that haunted Jimmy in those early BEast games survived Jimmy's game-winner against UCONN, Jimmy punched that bastard in the cock with his cold-blooded dagger in OT against St. John's. "FUCK YOU," said Jimmy to the Demon, the laughing, barking Demon.**

** I apologize for the awkward demon metaphor, and the bizarre cock-punch reference, and the cursing. I have to get these things out of my system now.

As the Demon lay cradling his achin' ballsack***, Marquette clinched a .500 record in conference play and added to the evidence that yours truly should never, ever, ever make predictions about anything.

*** Sorry.

In fact, I'm going to stop there, and I'm not even going to mention the fact that Buzz ran the same play at the end of regulation and at the end of OT (and that it was the same play he called at end of the UCONN game).****

**** Please ignore the fact that I just mentioned this.

We'll end with something new:

Game MVP: 'Zar was big with 22, but the ball too often stops moving as soon as he touches it, and he put up a few headscratchers from three-point range. But there's no other choice here -- it's Jimmy, who earned himself a new nickname last night: I'm partial to Jimmy Clutch, but I'll entertain arguments for Jimmy Closer.

The Brian Barone Unsung Hero Award: Dwight Buycks was big in the first half, keeping St. John's lead in single digits with a couple tasty fall-away jumpers. I think we split this award and give it to Joe Fulce (I'm as shocked as you) and Junior Cadougan, who busted his ass and kept the ship afloat while Acker and Cubillan sat out with foul trouble in the first half.

The Trojan-ENZ Boner of the Week Call: Add to the calls that officials routinely miss: goaltending. JC had a great drive and clearly laid the ball off the backboard, only to have it swatted away by a St. John's player. There was an official less than five feet away. No call. Brain aneurysm.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

thanks rubie! that's one helluva game. As D3 pointed out last night, I don't know if I can make it through the season with this team. It was an ugly game but a W is a W.

Mr. Rumsfield's Brownies said...

Ugly game - but in a trap game, on the road, with the whole team scuffling offensively...I'm very very happy with the win.

As stressful as the season has been, it's been a lot of fun too. Nobody was predicting we would be talking about a tourney bid when the season was started. The more that I see this team exceeding expectations, the more confidence I gain in Buzz (sorry Rubie). We can beat to death the in-game mistakes he has made, but the reality is that MU is 1 game out of a double bye in the Big East Tourney...holy shit! And he's done it despite losing 4 starters in his 2nd year as head coach.

EMoney said...

I LIKE WINNING!!!!! In fact, I am going to paraphrase a great line from a great college hoops move, "Blue Chips, "I screw so much better when we win....don't you?".

A much needed W! Regardless of how ugly it was, I will take it! It's good to see that this team can win a game, on the road no less, in spite of the fact that they had their worst shooting performance of the season (32%). Damn baby blues!

Agree with MVP - no doubt it's Jimmy. Lazar scored 20+ points, but he shot like sh*t.

Agree with unsungs hero(s) - Dwight was huge in keeping us in the game in the first half by hitting some crazy ass jumpers. Also JC as the unsung unsung hero. He's gaining confidence and aggressiveness with each game, although when is he going to get a call? First at Cincy, he drives and attempts a scoop layup, but is drilled by Gates mid-air causing him to land squarely on the floor and gets no call. Then, last night, a clear goal tend after his layup attempt clearly hits the glass. WTF? To top off the no call, the announcer tries to defend it by saying it's legal if it's still on the way up after hitting glass. The only time I have ever seen a ball continue to go up after hitting glass is when Heatonk would attempt a layup at the rec center. When a layup is attempted, 90% of the time, the shot is at it's apex when it's touching glass. How can that be argued during normal game speed without replay? The NBA doesn't allow this rule for a's too subjective. JC gets hosed again.