Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thursday's Big East Game

Cincinnati @ Notre Dame

This will be a big matchup for separating some of the teams in the big gooey middle of the Big East. Cincinnati (5-4) is another Big East team on the bubble, while Notre Dame (4-5) wishes they were on the bubble. Cincinnati has only one road win on the year and it’s tough to get excited about a win at Rutgers.

It will be fun to watch Luke Harangody muscle up against Yancy Gates down low. Harangody seems to get frustrated when opponents get really physical with him and Gates brings the physical. If Gates can force him into settling for jumpers beyond mid range, the Bearcats could be in business. Defensively, ND is a wreck, but the Bearcats don’t have the efficient scorers to take proper advantage – Lance Stephenson shoots 19% from 3 and Deonta Vaughn (did he play with Steve Logan?) is only shooting 41% from the field. Look for Harangody to get Gates in foul trouble allowing ND to win this game rather easily.

Notre Dame – 83
Cincinnati - 73


Rubie Q said...

I read 'em.

Devil's Threesome said...

Whew, at least someone does. Now, are they at least a little bit interesting? They are fun to put together.

Rubie Q said...

Yeah, I like 'em a lot. It's just -- I haven't seen the other teams play enough to say: "I think you're wrong on this" or "astute observation on that." Looking back at your predictions, you've been on the money more times than not.

Master Reid said...

I like 'em too dude. I'm sorry I didn't read your USF prophecy yesterday. I'm intrigued by this game. It's the 6:00 ESPN game right?

Devil's Threesome said...

It's actually at 8 on ESPN. I am also intrigued. Watching Stephenson kind of drives me nuts. I don't believe I've even seen him catch the ball and then pass it w/o dribbling or shooting. I really like to watch Gates - that dude is a bull.

Jacked up stat of the game. Harangody has attempted 71 treys this year. That's 3 treys a game from Luke Harangody.

Mr. Sparkle said...

I like'em... makes me sound knowlegable around the office place. Good work.

Sheets' Va Jay Jay said...

I also like em.

Good work!