Monday, March 1, 2010

Just The Way We Drew It Up.

Of course, everyone knows that the easiest way to win three straight Big East road games is to take each of those games to overtime, and then to: win by three when a senior shooting guard (and, until this season, a big-time player) misses a wide open triple that would've sent the game to double OT; win on a last second shot against a desperate opponent on said desperate opponent's senior day; and win against a desperate opponent on said desperate opponent's senior day after said desperate opponent's shooting guard puts up 10 points in the span of about 20 seconds. Respectively.

Here's my plea to the Marquette Golden Eagles: next season, give me some blowouts. If you lose a couple games by 12 or 14, I'll be OK with that.* If you win a couple by 12 or 14, even better. But, please, don't take every single game down to the wire. I'm 29 going on 48, thanks to this season.**

* I won't be OK with that, but my heart will.

** And my hairline is going on 60. (I'll make the joke for you, assholes.)

Game MVP: It's tempting to give it to Lazar, who moved past Dom James into third place on the career MU scoring list, but he gets minor demerit points for admitting that he would've preferred Jimmy Clutch to take the shot on the final possession in regulation. So, this award goes to the Cubillionaire, who, probably for the first time in his career, looked to drive instead of launching threes. The results were outstanding, as Cubbie put up 16 points.

The Brian Barone Unsung Hero: ... might have to take a hiatus for this game, since Dwight Buycks -- who was starting to assert himself in his role as sixth man -- got left home with the sniffles and Joe Fulce remembered that he's Joe Fulce and played like Joe Fulce. So: any nominees? Maybe it's Mo Acker, who calmly drained four throws in the last minute of OT. Actually, here's a better one: Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez, who provided the margin of victory by getting himself T'ed up in the first half. Thanks, coach!

The Trojan-ENZ Boner of the Week Call: Because I'm a DISH subscriber, I didn't get to see the game yesterday, and had to listen to Homer's call and follow on my phone. It didn't sound like there were any terribly egregious calls, though I'm interested in hearing opinions on DJO's foul on Jeremy Hazell with 25 seconds left.

Take your vitamins and have an extra cup of coffee tomorrow, kids: U of L (clap clap) and its horndog coach come to town at 8:30 p.m.


Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

the DJO foul call on Hazell was questionable at best. in vintage reggie miller fashion Hazell fired one up from 35 feet and it was tough to see where the foul had occured. i don't think he got him on the arms during the shooting motion because he made the prayer, but he might have reached in as he was going up. either way dodged a bullet there and couldn't be more proud of this team with the recent road trip. I'm very nervous about tomorrow as the ville could cause us serious issues but that's been the theme all year and hopefully they are riding a high tomorrow at a rocking BC for yet another nail bitter (aren't they all against the Ville).

EMoney said...

Regarding the and 1 foul on Hazell by DJO - Hazell was coming around a tight screen on the wing. I believe Cubillan was guarding Hazell, and was screened by the guy that DJO was guarding. DJO immediately switched to take Hazell who caught and rose to shoot (by now all 4 of them were near the out of bounds line). DJO just stuck his arms up to defend Hazell's shot and slightly caught Hazell on the elbow after the release. It wasn't overagressive by any means, just bad luck and the way Hazell was catching fire, I don't think we should have just let him take the shot without any attempt to defend.

Devil's Threesome said...

I wasn't able to see any of the game - haven't even seen highlights, but what a win! Lunardi bumped us down to an 11 seed today, playing Maryland in the first round in NOLA. Our second round matchup would be with Vandy. Hey, I'd take that in a heartbeat.

Mr. Rumsfield's Brownies said...

Despite the increased blood pressure, I'm having a blast with this season.

Regarding the game - Bobby Gonzo - is a bitch, I almost hate him more than Bo...almost.

I'm looking forward to the Ville...I get the feeling the crowd will be similar to the Pitt crowd...large and into it for the first half at least.

Calling it now, Mbao will not be back next season.