Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Len Elmore's Basket of Backhanded Compliments

Big East Tournament time is great. A cornucopia of Big East action, plenty of stellar match-ups. Unfortunately, it also means hours of everyone's favorite New Yorker Len Elmore. Since there's a better than even chance he'll call MU's game tomorrow, let's guess which backhanded compliments and comments he'll throw MU's way:
  • These Golden Eagles from Michigan really hustle
  • Lazar Hayward is from Buffalo. That's in New York State, not New York City. But that's better than that pussy hayseed Jimmy Butler, who's from Texas
  • Remember when Levance Fields played for Pitt? That guy was tough because he's from New York
  • This St. John's team really gets after it, a bunch of tough NYC kids
  • Marquette has to play harder, they don't have any talent
  • Marquette finished 11-7 in the Big East, not bad for a team without thumbs
  • Tom Crean did a great job with Marquette this year
  • Marquette hasn't completely fallen on their faces since joining the Big East from the MAC in 1999
  • Buzz Williams had a decent year. Learned everything he knows from my colleague, Fran Fraschilla.
  • Milwaukee's suburban Chicago location helps them get some semi-tough kids from the inner city
  • They have an all-black team (oh wait, that's stuff we hear in Madison)
**Note, I totally stole this idea from Reid**
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Rubie Q said...

Len would never get 'Zar's name right. At the very least, he'd call him Lazer Haywood.

Master Reid said...

-Marquette has done a nice job not totally embarassing themselves today.

-The Warriors...errr...Golden Eagles play with a lot of heart. That helps them overcome the fact that they have no idea how to play basketball.

-I remember when back Marquette was good: when they were coached by a New York City guy, named McGuire.

-Marquette has done a decent job on the boards today, especially when you consider they don't have a quality big man. I mean, if this team fell into a Junior High league, they still wouldn't have a decent big man. But by some miracle of Christ they have out rebounded St. John's thus far today.

-Marquette has always had good guards. Too bad I fucking HATE guards.

Master Reid said...

-Marquette kids have to be tough to survive in that inhospitable, arctic environment in Milwaukee.