Sunday, March 7, 2010

Mat Gamel's Wish List

I think it's a good time to take a break from all the Marquette talk for just a bit and turn to our cause of ulcers, the Brewers. It might be hard to believe, but the Crew already has a few spring training games under it's belt. What is also hard to believe is that for several years in a row now, this city is talking about the Brewers in March and dreaming of big things. Some people believe this team can make a run at the post season and make some noise now that they have some serviceable pitching. Others are excited to get back to Miller Park and drink copious amounts of booze and drink and clog their arteries with sausage. And there are some that just want to be good humans. Wait. What?

Haudricourt and Witrado have been publishing stories about the Crew and breaking down each position over at the website for that one paper in town. About a week or so ago they came to the position of third base. There has been some talk about what should happen over there and who should get the job. You've got Casey McGehee who had a break out year in 2009 and even got his name thrown around for National League Rookie of the Year. What might be more impressive than his numbers, is that he put up those numbers on a bum wheel he got repaired this off-season. The other option at third is the Golden Boy (not actually his nickname and I'm pretty sure nobody has ever referred to him as this) Mat Gamel. We all know about Gamel and several people are excited to see what he can do. I personally don't think there is much of a debate and that the job should go to McGehee, but of course Gamel should get a shot and I hope he sticks around performs well since he is probably our first baseman of the future when we let Prince go (and by future I mean a couple years... probably).

The reason I am bringing Gamel up today is because of his quotes at the end of the story about the third base battle. Let's go to the tape, as they say, and check them out.

"I learned you can't just play the game and be a good player," Gamel said. "There's a lot more that comes with being a big-leaguer. It's about how you dress, how you carry yourself off the field, it's about perception. Being late the first day probably gave the wrong idea to a lot of people. It made it seem like I didn't care about my job, and that's not the case.

It seems as if Gamel has grown up a bit and Witrado points that out in the article. The above quote sounds like it came from a kid who has learned from past mistakes and is really trying to make it in the big leagues on more than just his talent. He has the talent, but I have always wondered if all the lights were on upstairs based on some of the things he has done, like showing up late last year.

After that great and very printable quote, Gamel drops this one:

"I have to prove that I am here to work, to be a good teammate, to be a good human."

Yes! I love it. Proving that I am here to work. That's good. That sounds like a kid who has grown up. Being a good teammate. That is something that most everyone loves. Good teammates are fantastic and those of us in the midwest love to hear about how great a teammate someone is. But hold on a second, he's not done. I did not make up that last line. He wants to be a good human. Now, I know what he means and I'm not trying to pick on Gamel here, but that is funny. I wonder what else is on his list of things to be good at?

- good mammal
- good Chinese food orderer
- good Wii player
- good cabby tipper
- good tax filer
- good Miley Cyrus fan

You get the picture and I'm sure you can add better things he wants to be good at in the comments.

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Mr. Sparkle said...

Nice Va Jay! I made a comment this morning about how Gamel was one of those players with a ton of talent but is just too dumb for his own good (see: Sheets and finger biting). Hopefully he has truly turned a corner and realized that being talented isn't enough.