Tuesday, March 2, 2010

No Donnie, these men are nihilist

Unrelated to Marq basketball but still fun to talk about Lebowski news:

First, Lebowski fest is coming to Chicago Sept 17th and 18th. I know it's a ways out, but it might be something fun to do and a reason to get out of town for a weekend.

Second, I just discovered this new movie about the cult following of Lebowski fans...maybe we should give it a rent and check it out over a few beers? The Achievers

Finally, give me your best/favorite quote....


klwillis45 said...

"You can guess what happens next."
"He fixes the cable?"

Rubie Q said...

I have two:

"Calmer than you are."


"I just want to say, sir, that we're both enormous -- on a personal level, 'Branded,' especially the early episodes, has been a source of, uh, inspiration..."

Devil's Threesome said...

"Chinaman is not the preferred nomenclature, Asian-American, please."

"Fucking Quintana, that creep can roll, man."

Mr. Rumsfield's Brownies said...

"8 year olds dude, 8 year olds"

"those are good fucking burgers Walter"

"this is what you get for fucking a stranger in the ass!"