Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Suppan To DL With TNS

It now appears that Jeff Suppan will NOT be the the fifth starter come Opening Day. Suppan has been placed on the disabled list (due mostly to a 7.71 ERA) with cervical disk pain in his neck.

This leaves the five spot competition open between Narveson and Parra. And, ensures that Rubie's whipping boy Chuckie New Town will be with the Brewers on Opening Day.


Rubie Q said...

TNS is no laughing matter. Mr. Sparkle and I worked with a guy who had a chronic case of TNS. Extremely sad.

EMoney said...

Question? Is anyone setting up fantasy baseball? Or does hitting the ripe old age of 30 make it not cool anymore? Damn getting old!

Rubie Q said...

Hey, an EMoney sighting. Where've you been, man?

Fantasy baseball is Reid's bailiwick. All inquiries should be directed to him.

玉鳳 said...

thx u very much, i learn a lot

Mr. Sparkle said...

Hello Chief, let's talk, why not?

You have many questions. I send you premium; answer question 100%!