Friday, March 5, 2010

That's What They Said

As we get closer to tip off tomorrow here is what people across the country are saying about Marquette basketball.

First off, @SportsBubbler was the first to announce that the field for the CBE Classic was announced and it has Marquette, Duke, Gonzaga and Kansas State. D3 has already bought his tickets.

Must Read The incredible thing about Marquette's reloading season is how the defense has improved. James and McNeal were known as top perimeter defenders -- indeed McNeal was named the league's top defender as a sophomore -- and yet Marquette's defense has gone from eighth best in the league last year to fourth best this season.

Gene Mueller: Those who called for a return to "Warriors" were once seen as noble die-hards who wanted their tradition to live on. Now, they're starting to sound like relics, hoping for a return to days-gone-by that just, plain, isn't going to happen.

Jeff Goodman: I pegged Marquette as an NIT team, maybe even a CBI club. However, Williams has done as impressive a coaching job as anyone in the country and that includes Syracuse head man Jim Boeheim and Kansas State's Frank Martin.

Notre Dame Blog Rakes of Mallow: The game tomorrow in Milwaukee is not a must-win, however it would almost certainly lead to a must-win in the Big East tournament. The Golden Eagles have been quite good this season, but they're not invincible. Big East Awards - Coach of the year, All five experts agreed that Syracuse’s Jim Boeheim would win this award. “I think the candidates are Jim Boeheim, Jamie Dixon and Buzz Williams’’

Black & Green Report: Key Players - #32 Lazar Hayward- 18.0 PPG, 8.0 RPG, 33.5% 3PA- Has been Mr. Reliable for the Golden Eagles this year. Eight double-doubles to his credit.

NCAA Basketball Review: Finishing February with three consecutive away overtime victories over Cincinnati, St. John’s, and Seton Hall showed the kind of grit and determination Marquette has.

Cracked Sidewalks: Marquette’s 21-point domination of Louisville is statistically a very good sign for the post season. That win is the only time this season a team has beaten anyone in the top half of the Big East by 20+ points, and Marquette is now the only team in the Big East to win three conference games by 20+.

And for the hell of it, this one is for D3


Rubie Q said...

Disagree with the Rakes of Mallow crew, citing examples:

ND, according to Lunardi, is one of the last teams in the Dance. If they don't beat Marquette, they probably have to win three in the BEast tourney to get in. That makes tomorrow a must-win, in my eyes.

Devil's Threesome said...

I disagree with Our D isn't really any better than last year. Are they using tempo free stats? We are playing a much slower pace this year, which explains the decreased PPG average. That being said, it has improved throughout the season, main example being the UL game.

Thanks for the pic AA, that was a fun game. I can't stand Crouch, but spinning the ball in front of the ND student section after the GW TD was quite studly. Too bad I was in the other end zone.