Monday, April 19, 2010

When Awesome Happens, We Must Copy.

I don't know if y'all have seen this, but, just in case you needed another reason to think that Scott Stapp -- of the legendary Wide-Open Armsed Stapps -- is the awesomest kind of awesome, he provided it last week:

Dude wrote a fight song for the Florida Marlins. It's called "Marlins Will Soar."*

* Admittedly, that's a curious verb for a song about a fish. I don't know a whole hell of a lot about marlins, but if a fish is "soaring," I think that means it got hooked and yanked out the water. And that ain't good for the fish.

This being the Internet, whenever someone comes up with a fantastic(-ly awful) idea, it is our right, if not our duty, to rip it off and make it our own. In case you haven't figured out where I'm going: we need a song like this for the Brewers. And I need your help.

In the comments, please, some verses. I'm looking for words that rhyme with "Molitor," "Gumby," "Listach," "Ginter," and, of course, "Ruben Quevedo." With any luck, we'll get the Femmes or the BoDeans or the Gufs on this project and then we, too, can soar with Scott Stapp. Or something.


Admiral Ackbar, S.J. said...

I know he's dead, but I bet Liberace would have written a fantastic fight song for the Brewers.

PaulNoonan said...

Paul Molitor? Gus Polidor.

Gumby? Let's see...Humvee, "come see", "rum, be" as in "I just drank a 5th of rum, be that as it may..."

Listach - Some type of poetic license with Pistachio, maybe? Mishmash as a near rhyme. "His stash". Or the less druggy "His stache".

Ginter? That's easy. Winter. Splinter. Printer. Sprinter. Maybe a Ninja Turtles reference would be in order.

Ruben Quevedo - Gruden's Potato? Cruisin Laredo? The best one would probably be "Bruising Dave Leitao.

LupeCristoba021774 said...