Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day, Memorable Indeed

Happy Memorial Day to all the great men and women serving the USA!

And it was a memorable day for Chris Narveson who entered somewhat uncharted territory for the Brewers starting rotation by pitching into the 6th inning today. Unfortunately, the 9:30 show is completely different than the 7:30 show which is to say that, after 5 scoreless innings, the results in the 6th were not nearly as good. Narveson chose to pull a Manny Parra by losing command of the strike zone and giving up 5 runs. Chuckie New Town then came in to complete the 6th by giving up dos mas runs; nice work.

Speaking of Manny Parra and memorable days, Parra will be bumped back to the bullpen in hopes his good stuff will redevelop into starting material. This makes space in the rotation for the triumphant resurrection of Segway riding Chris Capuano's career. Props to the Brewers brass for sticking with Cappy and giving him a chance to be a starter as soon as possible.

As noted in Tom Haudricourt's piece on Parra/Cappy, decisions still loom on several pitchers within the organization. Things could get interesting within the next couple of weeks*.

*Update: Things got interesting a lot sooner than I thought. The Brewers are promoting Kameron Loe meaning another pitcher will be leaving the bullpen. They could make a Survivor-esque reality game show based on our pitching staff.


Nicole said...

Kameron Loe - not Kyle

Master Reid said...

Yeah dude, it's Kameron, but I'll let it slide for the excellent PCU references.

If the corresponding roster move isn't "Brewers designate Jeff Suppan for assignment" I will be stunned. This and Capuano were the first of several pending roster decisions. It will be pretty interesting to see how this pitching staff looks a month from now.

Master Reid said...

And "surving"? How many beers did you have before writing this man?

Mr. Sparkle said...

Corrected, my bad. I got a little TOO into the yard work yesterday. it was the only thing that made the periodic downpour tolerable.

Master Reid said...

So the corresponding roster move is to send Estrada back to Triple A, so he doesn't have to pitch so damn much.

If you're hanging onto a pitcher because you want him to throw out his arm pitching in blowouts, rather than your young promising pitcher, then you've got a lot more issues than we realized.