Monday, June 7, 2010

Have You Looked at Your Payroll Recently?

SB Nation -- the braintrust behind our little baby, Anonymous Eagle, and about 3,982 other fan-run sports blogs -- launched some regional sites last night, and two of the head cheeses at SB Nation talked to the New York Times about the company, their philosophy on covering sports, the niche the SBN sites fill, and the ingredients for a good marmalade.
Buried in that article is a quote from Marty Kaiser, the editor of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
“As long as we have the reporters to cover the teams better than anyone else, we’ve got a place in the future,” said Marty Kaiser, editor of The Journal Sentinel of Milwaukee and a former sports editor for The Chicago Sun-Times.
Mr. Kaiser: this is a picture of one of the reporters your newspaper employs:

You may wish to revise your statement.

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