Thursday, July 22, 2010

Cut This Asshole, Take Two.

You see this face?

This is the face of the man who's going to get Doug Melvin fired.

It's not going to happen this season, of course -- Mark A. has made it more than clear that he's got a buttload of faith in Dougy Fresh -- but, if things keep going like this, I think Melvin's gone after 2011, and 2012 at the latest.

Why? Because if you can't identify young pitching talent in the draft (and have the staff in place to develop that talent in the minors), you have to be able to identify free agent pitching talent. We already knew that Melvin was a disaster with regard to the former. On the heels of the Jeff Suppan fiasco, the Randy Wolf debacle has all but cemented Melvin as a disaster with regard to the latter.

That ginger goatee is going to haunt Doug Melvin's dreams.


Mr. Sparkle said...

Maybe we can ship The Wolf to the Cubs for some of their crap talent. Then the Ricketts marketing machine can pair him with Dempster... "The Ginger Twins"... new t-shirts on attractive scantily clad coeds... perhaps a Leinie Red beer promo... damn you Wrigley Field.

My word verification is "mangs" which makes me think of Scareface... "Say hello to my little friend!". Maybe Tony Montana can come and cleanse the clubhouse of the cancer.

EMoney said...

This is what I'm talking about! As a rule, the Milwaukee fan base has been quite optimistic going into opening day the past 4-5 seasons. Sure we had and still have some potent bats that alone can lead to a lot of victories, but I was ALWAYS skeptical because of that shit show of a pitching staff that we were always throwing out there each season. We did finally crack the playoff's 2 seasons ago, but it was by the skin on our ass and required 1) a final week meltdown by another national league team, and 2) trading for a rental in CC Sabathia who happened to be pitching as good as any pitcher had this past decade.

Maybe I'm a glass is half empty kind of guy regarding this team, or maybe I'm not happy with JUST making the playoffs and getting spanked in the 1st round, but this team is still A LONG WAYS AWAY from being a true contender. Melvin has skated on the fact that this fanbase was DESPERATE for a playoff contending team after so 2 decades of rotten baseball, and he finally got this organization in. You can't take that away from him and kudos to Doug for doing it. But for having such an outstanding young care and being on the verge of wasting it is something that this small market cannot do. Our farm clubs are now depleted, Prince and possibly Corey Hart are on the verge of getting moved, and Ryan Braun's contract is slowly drifting towards 0 as well. We need to make some quality moves fast (what these are exactly I'm not sure) or we might be looking at another extended period of Dark Ages in Brewers baseball.

You are a Baffoon said...

Ok, so in the two years since the pixie dust and unicorns playoff run of 2008, the Brewers season and ticket sales team, have officially gone on life support. Yesterday, in the middle of a fucking Wednesday afternoon, a charming, lovely, college aged woman Brewers ticket rep knocked on my door peddling Brewers ticket packages at too good to be true prices. We had a quazi awkward conversation about how I had better things to do such as care for a helpless newborn and prepare my fantasy football draft sheet, which left her walking away from my home befuddled, and wishing me good tidings with all those dirty diapers. Obviously, I didn't have the opportunity to tell her how I really felt. What I really meant to say was that as we have explained already in previous posts/rants, if Brewers management hadn't shit in their perspective hats in regards to the pitching staff post-unicorn/falcor days, the Brewers wouldn't have had to resort to Jehovah Witness like desperation in the ticket sales department thus causing the 2010 season to slowly fester, rot, and die like it is. I mean really, we lost to the Pirates the other day 15-3, really, 15-3?!?!!?!?! Really! WTF!!!! I'm all for good looking ladies selling me all sorts of stuff, clothes, beer, chicken wings, and lappers. However, if they have to beg me to buy a ticket to my favorite baseball team that's playing way too shitty for their own good, that's a no-fly zone, sorry.

Devil's Threesome said...

But, but Melvin redeemed himself with the Hawkins and Riske signings! Not to mention the Riske trade.

Rubie Q said...

We traded Riske?

EMoney said...

Baffoon....where u been? Oh how I have missed your rants!