Sunday, August 1, 2010

Desperation Is A Stinky Cologne

The Brewers, who have managed to:

-Let the trade deadline pass without trading Corey Hart at what was likely the height of his value.

-Fail to move Prince who is now just winding down rest of his time in Milwaukee as his trade value rides along a time-based return curve.

-Go on a 4 game skid leaving them 10.5 games back (with Wolfy on the mound today, I don't have much confidence that this trend will change).

Have now decided to let Mat Gamel play right field and 1st base at AAA Nashville in hopes of expediting his promotion to the Majors. This is a major CYA move for the Crew who will likely be losing Prince and Corey Hart after 2011.

Given Mat Gamel's injury history, I'm hoping this attempt at versatility is to increase his trade value.

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You are a Baffoon said...

On a brighter note, Packers training camp started yesterday. Lets all forget that this 2010 Brewers giant shitburger season ever even happened. Moving no one this weekend has seemingly ended some hopes of getting some sort of value out of Prince and Hart. I sense another Brewers ticket clown to be wandering my neighborhood for the next two fricken years pushin' Brew-Crap tickets, can't wait. Maybe if I booby trap my front porch with a trap-door and pungy sticks I'll keep the bastards away from my home.......or not.