Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fat Fest 2010

Little needs to be explained about this other than the fact that Sheets Va Jay came up huge this past Friday night while I was out with old Whitewater football cronies, Sheets, you DA MAN. It was almost as big as the comeback the Brew crew had down 4 in the ninth to win. Come to think of it, the crew has done some good things this weekend, Prince walk off on Friday, Hoffman save on Saturday, and as I am writing this, the crew is up 8-2 in the 3rd inning looking for the sweep. Dare I say, that's a winning streak Bob, however, too little too late for any post season run, but good nonetheless. O, in Sunday's no shit Sherlock sports column of the Urinal Sentinal, Mark Attanasio announces that the Brewers are going to lose money this year. "Hi, I'm Earth have we met?" We can thank the great pitching staff for losing all those games this year and causing people to stay home to watch American Idol or You Think You Can Dance, instead of going to the ballpark. Maybe Doug Davis and Randy Wolf can give some cash back to pay for some free tickets and/or bobbleheads? I'm guessing not though, those asshats.


Mr. Sparkle said...

I don't know why but the word "asshat" makes me giggle like a 5th grader.

EMoney said...

So what exactly is "Whitewater Fatfest"?