Monday, August 30, 2010

How Much Do We Still Hate These Guys?

Last year, I openly questioned where the majority of Green Bay Packers fans were placing their priorities. I stated my feelings about the insanity that most people fall into when the topic of the Packers' head coach and general manager. After that post, the Pack went on to win 6 of their last 7 games to finish the season 11-5 and make the postseason. Obviously, the playoff game in Arizona did not go quite as we had hoped, but it looked like the team took a huge leap forward. The players, who couldn't play, that the one idiot drafted, played... and played well. The quarterback that no one wanted suddenly emerged as a near elite level NFL quarterback. The offensive scheme that the other idiot put in place, which would never work, worked. Now national pundits are extolling the Packers a potential Super Bowl team in 2010. This should be exactly the image rehab that the Thompson/McCarthy regime needed... right?

But in listening to the thoughts of the local fandom via talk radio, blog comments, etc., I get the impression that that isn't the case at all. People inside the state of Wisconsin seem to have a far more negative outlook of the team than do those that cover it on a national level. When the fuck has that ever happened before? Aren't Packers fans usually the ones saying that people need to watch out for the Packers, when those big-time media types are writing them off? This seems like a bit of a reversal in the normal trend. And I can't help but think that this general resentment towards both Thompson and McCarthy. If that "Do you want the Packers to lose sot that Ted and Mike get canned" question were posed again today, I wonder if the response would be any different than it was in November of last year?

I don't know what's going to happen with the season. My own opinion is that they are going to be pretty damn good. But what I do know is that there's still something amiss in Packerland. The whole vibe is like one of a couple where one cheated on the other, but they didn't break up. They got back together, and they tell everyone that everything is OK. But it's not OK. Every time you're in the room with them, you can just tell that they're just putting on a good face and trying not to let the tension ruin everyone else's good time. But behind closed doors, they're both just waiting for the other to slip up so they can say "AHA!! See, I knew it, I knew you were no good!"

So where do we come down on this now? Who will you be rooting for this year: The Packers or these guys? Personally I'll be rooting for the Packers to go Jake Taylor on everyone and win the whole fuckin' thing. If for nothing else than to just see people's reactions.


Rubie Q said...

I'm not skeptical because of McCarthy or Thompson; I'm skeptical because our No. 1 corner is 34, our No. 2 corner is 88 and coming off ACL surgery, our No. 3 corner is Tramon Williams, our starting FS sat on his ass instead of getting ankle surgery, we're going to start an undrafted rookie at ROLB, and A.J. Hawk is still prominently involved in the defense.

This defense got shredded whenever it faced a semi-conscious QB last year. What's it going to do this year?

Also: I love Aaron Rodgers.

KL Snow said...

I think there's a fair comparison to be had between McCarthy and Ned Yost.

I like when the team does well, and I hope they do better. I'll never root against them. But I expect them to fall short, and I don't think they're as good as they could be with someone more competent in charge.

With that said, I'll admit that I'm a casual re: the NFL.

EMoney said...

I never had a real problem with McCarthy.....Thompson on the other hand has made a number of questionable moves or lack there of at times.

I understand that right now we are a very good team....our offense is flat out sick. Unfortunately I liken the Green Bay situation to what we see with the Brewers. The Crew has a solid lineup that can put up a good number of runs every night, but due to their 3rd worst staff in the majors, can't win enough ball games. Just like them, the Packers will put up huge numbers, but at the same time will not be able to stop anybody.

In the end, I think Green Bay is a playoff team and will probably win 11-12 games in the regular season. But like last season, I see us losing in the playoffs because of our defense's inability to stop the other team. Could they potentially catch lightning in a bottle as New Orleans did last season...yes....but it just isn't very likely IMO.

And in the end, I don't blame this defficiency due to the defensive system, rather the personnel. We haven't had a good defense in years and it falls on the shoulders of upper management, ie. Ted Thompson. In spite of my distaste for him, I will never root for GB to lose.