Sunday, August 22, 2010

Manny Parra Ruined My Sunday

Nothing quite like battling traffic through construction in Kenosha and dodging the future mother-in-law's comments about my health (hangover) to get to Miller Park and see another frustrating effort by Manny Parra. His "stuff" truly sucks. Maybe Prince should shake Manny up a bit again... might motivate him a little.

The effort was so terrible that I texted Va Jay Jay suggesting that Manny's batting music should be switched to "Undone" by Weezer. At least I was able to get a good chuckle when I saw the game summary.

It might be time to consider letting Cappy get a start.

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Rubie Q said...

Disagree with the tag: Manny Parra is not an enigma. Manny Parra just sucks.

Also: a tale of two players, one who gets it, one who doesn't. Here's Parra and Jon Lucroy talking about Ryan Ludwick's opposite field, two-run double in the fifth:

"It was away, but it wasn't down like it was supposed to be," Parra said. "At the same time, as far as that one goes, you're not going to be perfect every time. That's just a good piece of hitting."

Said catcher Jonathan Lucroy: "It was up, what do you expect him to do with it?"