Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Oh, The Things I Saw Last Night

A quick run down of last night's action at Wrigley Field:

-The Brewers offense and defense came alive at the same time providing a 26 hit 18 run performance while only surrendering 1 run to the Chubs. This could have been a bigger drubbing given that the Crew left 15 on base.

-Hart, Braun, and Fielder combining for 14 hits.

-Carlos Gomez doing his best Rickie Weeks impersonation by getting drilled in consecutive at bats; once in the head and it looked pretty effing brutal.

-Alcides Escobar doing a solid job playing center field.

-Trevor Hoffman taking his 34th career at bat in the 9th inning. I have to say, his swing didn't look that terrible.

-The interior of the Wrigley Stadium Club. While the food was good, the view sucks. Nothing like building a fine-dining facility where the only window looks out onto the corner of Addison and Sheffield.

-An Ice Fishing With Kirby sighting.

-Douchey Cubs fans.

-Scantily-clad, over-served, coeds on a Monday night.

-Several over-served mom-types with new and improved mounds that they were more than happy to flaunt.


EMoney said...

Typical Milwaukee Brewer inconsistency. After being unable to score a run for nearly 30 innings, they put up 18 in 9. 25% of the teams runs have come in about 10% of their games. Story of the franchise. I wouldn't be shocked if they score 3 or less today.

Master Reid said...

I liked the 12Ks from Gallardo last night too. Mainly for the fantasy points, but it was good to see him looking sharp too.