Friday, September 10, 2010

Road to Super Bowl for GB?

The NFL regular season is officially underway, and if you're a Green Bay fan, it got off to a striking start! Not only did Minnesota lose, which gives Green Bay an early opportunity take an early division lead with a W over Philadelphia on Sunday, but Brett Favre looked out of sync as well. Expectations are high for Green Bay this year as they seem to be a trendy Super Bowl pick for many of the talking heads throughout the nation, but I remain hesitant. The way Minnesota came out last night gave my confidence in GB winning the division a bit of a boost, but I still have too many concerns regarding our offensive line play/fragility and our defense's inability to stop any form of an offense. So as we approach the opener, what do we expect to see on Sunday?

Philadelphia, like Green Bay, is loaded with young talent.....but, unlike Green Bay, Philly ALWAYS manages to put together one of the league's top defensive units. I like Philly's potential. Kevin Kolb appears to be one of the league's next star QB's as the Eagles let a good QB in Donovan McNabb walk away, and is supported by a talented young trio of pass catchers in DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Brent Celek. To continue this youthful trend, LeSean McCoy stars in the backfield and looks like he solidify their backfield for years. The theme that I see in all of this is youth.......meaning unproven. I like the direction that their organization is taking, but due to their youth and inexperience, I think Green Bay will prove to be too much for them. As I previously stated, I'm not too confident in our defense. However, the one thing that GB is good at is forcing turnovers, and I think a young QB in Kevin Kolb is prime for the pickens. Look for Green Bay to blitz early and often with the likes of Clay Matthews and Woodson off the corner in hopes of forcing Kolb into a mistake. In addition to this, and something that could facilitate our defense's ability to force Kolb into a mistake, the Green Bay offense needs to get on the board early. Come out sharp, quiet the crowd, and put Kolb in an early hole. This will allow our offense to dictate the game......something that I have GREAT confidence in! All that said, I predict that Green Bay gets the W for all you gambling degenerates, that means you should give Philly those measly 3 points and take that easy money to the bank.


You are a Baffoon said...

Good prediction Money, only 3 points off from the actual score. I think your concern of the defense is quite valid, however we will have to wait several weeks before a legitimate pro bowl caliber quarterback goes against us. The loss of Grant is going to be tough to bounce, but not impossible. Running backs are probably the most replaceable position on a football team due to it being the easiest position to learn besides the long snapper, punter, and kicker. I think as long as the #52 remains the truth as a pass rusher and BJ Raji continues to ascend, we won't have to cover receivers very long, thus making the secondary issues a mute point, even with 2 rookies roving back there. It will be interesting to see how Brandon Jackson picks up the slack as well, he has looked more than capable at times. As long as Rodgers can get better protection which should improve from Philly last week, the Packers should be in the playoffs no problem, but you still have to get it done.

EMoney said...

Baffoon, thanks for playin'. I'm going to try and make this a weekly post on fridays, but it would be nice to have more participation.

I agree about Grant. It sux, but I don't think we are going to lose a step. I think Grant is a better goal line guy, but Jackson could very well be more dangerous between the 20's due to his pass catching abilities. Further, I think Kuhn is now our goal line back, and I think he is more than capable of picking up the slack from Grant.

The front 7 on def was solid to say the least! If Kolb wouldn't have got knocked out, they may have had 5+ sacks as they did get to Vick a number of times but Vick is just so elusive he slid out of their grasp every time.

Overall, can't complain after this game. Rodgers was off and we still put up 27. And the defense held a good Philly offense to 20pts. It's going to be a good season (knock on wood).

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