Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Stay Puft Marshmallow Tauscher

Do the Packers trust #65 at right tackle for the rest of this year? I really don't think there is another more unathletic looking right tackle in the NFL. And honestly, does Bag of Tausch scare anyone except the workers at Old Country Buffett? And no, I don't trust him the rest of the year at right tackle.


EMoney said...

Both tackles are mediocre at best. I could see Thompson using our 1st round selection on another O-lineman this season.....and I wouldn't be opposed to it. Protecting ARodg should be priority #1.

(The question is who will be available when Green Bay selects last in the first round?)

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

dude...relax. we lost one freakin' game, everything will be okay. tauscher has been a pretty good RT in the league for a while now and helped save last season. we've got 2 young tackles (Lang and Beluga) ready to take the reins from the vets. there's no doubt he had a bad game but let's not cut him just yet as he's more than serviceable as at RT.

EMoney said...

STG - I remember you texting "dude, relax" on Monday night when I was bitching about things even though we were up 10-0 at that point. Sure enough, those very things came back to bite us and cost us the W. In this case, the sky isn't falling, but there definitely is a storm on the horizon.

I'm not freaking out about our left and right tackles at this point, as they will perform better when they're not playing the talented front 7 of Chicago, but we cannot ignore the fact that they are indeed past their prime and injury prone on top of that. Thus, we need to prepare for the next generation (as I stated above). Again, not freaking out (yet)

Softball's Tony Gwynn said...

we have 2 tackles ready to go so why "waste" a first round pick on one? take the best player available. If there's any glaring need on this team its CB. Chuck Woodson is still a playmaker but getting up there in age and who knows how good Al will be when he gets back. As of right now there aren't the next generation of CB's either.

I know I should use the dude relax on myself during the last 4 minutes of MOnday's game but that lose isn't the end of the world and I think we'll be fine going forward so let's let last week go.

EMoney said...

I agree with the notion that we need help in the secondary, but for you to use Woodson's age as the basis then say selecting a tackle in the 1st would be a "waste" is......well I question your rationale as both Clifton and Tauscher are OLD. Wasn't Tauscher essentially "retired" last year when we decided to give him some more $? Regardless, both areas need to be addressed. Maybe Thompson can try that cool and new concept of "signing a free agent".

I too am over the loss on Monday....I was actually over it by the time my head hit the pillow that night. The Bears will show their true colors soon, ie. games won't be given away by poor referee decisions and opposing team penalties.