Monday, October 25, 2010

Favre's Final Act has No Magic

As a Packers follower since my days of wearing diapers, it's clear Brett Favre is wearing out is welcome as a professional football player in the NFL. It's clear as day that last year's fantastic run to the NFC Championship game was really, the FINAL ACT. On Monday night, undernear the Sunday night Lambeau BigTop, a dark cloud seemed to floating above the once beloved #4. Perceptions of this Packer hero has become shrouded in questionable actions within the last several years. As a football player however, the fade into an average quarterback, is becoming strikingly clear. I saw a player who once could will mediocre/average players (i.e. Don Beebe, Antonio Freeman, Javon Walker to name a few) around him like he did in the 1990s and 2000s with the Packers, and find a way to get the "W". He was always finding a way because of his remarkable ability to improvise, scramble, and throw laser-beam touchdown passes that would culminate in two Super Bowl appearances and one Super Bowl Ring. However in 2010, it's clear that Brett should have stayed home on his tractor. Last years magic is gone. He can't scramble. He can't improvise. He can't even use the fantastic weapons that the Vikings have around him, to make it happen (AP, Harvin, Moss). It's a sad end. It's a jaded end to an era that still has many questions to answer as all of these are on field issues with playing the game of football must be answered in the final 10 games. Brett Favre has lived and died on the field as a gun-slinger and love him or hate him, it will be interesting to see how the show ends.


Rubie Q said...

it will be interesting to see how the show ends.

With his dick out (and limp), I presume.

EMoney said...

Good to finally get a W in a close game! And the difference between a W and L was about 4 inches, and no I'm not talking about Brett's dick Rubie.....I'm talking about Percy Harvin's second foot on that attempted TD reception. That ending was almost a disaster!

Indeed many questions remain regarding the Favre saga in Minneapolis, but I'd prefer to forget about him and focus on the many questions regarding Green Bay. What the hell is with our short yardage play calling/execution? This "potent" offense is DEAD LAST in the NFL in 3rd/4th and 3 yards or less! And to increase this efficiency, we run John Kuhn not once.......but twice on fourth and short? He gets extremely lucky in converting the first attempt, yet McCarthy says "Run it again!". WTF!

My list of complaints is long, but miraculously it looks like Green Bay still might be the team to beat in the NFC North......provided the injury list levels off of course. Favre officially looks old and the Bears......well, the Bears are just cursed at the QB position. Go 5-4 the rest of the way (including beating Chicago at home) should win the division IMO.