Saturday, October 30, 2010

I gave the NBA one shot this season. I wasted my time.

We've talked about this before. I talk about it a lot, as it turns out. But in case you've missed all of the other conversations, here's something you should know about me: I love basketball, but I don't like the NBA. I'm pretty open about that. I've done my best to perpetuate a rumor that watching it causes pink eye. I do my best to avoid it.

But, once each year, I give it another shot. I know a handful of pretty smart, likeable sports fans who love the NBA. I've never understood what they see in it, but once each year I do my best to be open-minded and see if there's something I've been missing.

Last year I sat through two Bucks games, sucked in by the hype that followed Brandon Jennings' 55 point performance. This year, inspired by a TV slate that featured nothing else of interest, I sat down Friday night and watched the Bucks-Timberwolves game.

The Bucks lost this game, sleepwalking to a double-digit loss against a team that won 15 games last season and hasn't won more than 33 games since 2004. In the middle of the game, though, my in-laws stopped by and we had this exchange:

I notice Ersan Ilyasova has checked into the game.
ME: Ersan Ilyasova is the embodiment of everything I hate about the NBA. He's sloppy, selfish, he takes terrible shots and he's defensively worthless.*
MOTHER-IN-LAW: Which one is he?
Ilyasova catches a pass on the perimeter and immediately jacks up a three that barely draws iron.
ME: That's him.
At the other end of the court Ilyasova picks up his fourth foul, in the first half.

* - I've watched him play three times over the last two seasons. I suppose it's possible I've just seen him at the wrong times. But man, has he ever been awful when I've seen him.

See you next year, NBA.

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EMoney said...

Understandable, but if you based your love of the NFL on say the Raiders/Seahawks game yesterday, I bet you'd say the same thing.

The problem (aside from the overall laziness and spoiled athlete syndrom) is the overall lack of star power that Milwaukee has had this past decade. Bogut is nice, Jennings is nice, but the rest of the team is comprised mainly of other teams throw aways. In the glory days of the Big3, the Bucks were great television and since they were good, keeping track of the other contenders was interesting at the very least. Jennings has the potential to be very good, but I think the Bucks need to find some more like him before the casual fans get really interested.