Wednesday, October 6, 2010

NFC Central Foes Continue With Aggressive Approach

In an attempt to salvage this season, the Vikings got aggressive and made a move to acquire Randy Moss from the New England Patriots today. After stumbling out of the gate (likely due to the injury bug that infected their receiving corps and Brett Favre's decision not to show up til late August), the Vikings look like they may be a contender in the Central again. Moss should complement Harvin nicely and at the very least be a band-aid until Sidney Rice returns in 2-4 weeks. Whether or not the Brett Favre of '09 still exists has yet to be determined.

I bring this up because I wanted to see where the Ted Thompson defenders stand at this point. In successive years, Minnesota has added Brett Favre which resulted in an NFC Championship appearance, then went out and acquired Randy Moss after they lost their top receiver to injury when Moss wasn't even on anyone's radar as a trade option at this point in the season. Like Minnesota, Chicago saw a need to upgrade their QB position after 2 decades of mediocrity and made a move to acquire Jay Cutler. Then, this past off season, they decided to strengthen their defensive front by acquiring Julius Peppers via free agency and one PHAT contract (I thought they overpaid until I witnessed Peppers essentially single handedly beat us last Monday night).

In other news, the Buffalo Bills were bluffing when they said they were happy with Lynch and weren't fielding offers because the Seattle Seahawks managed to get him for 2 mid-round picks in '11 and '12. The Seahawks? 2 MID-LEVEL Picks? Isn't this the same Marshawn Lynch that was coveted by Thompson as a potential first rounder in '07 (and by the way this is when Justin Harrell was selected)? Yes, yes it is. So the question I have is, if you have an opportunity to acquire a guy that you were willing to use your first round pick on 3 years ago for 2 mid-round picks today.......on a proven NFL player that has made the ProBowl and is still only 24 years old.......wouldn't you pull the trigger? ESPECIALLY after you lost your starting running back for the year in week 1, and your team has failed to run the ball effectively since. ESPECIALLY since Chicago has already beaten you, you narrowly escaped with a W at home against Detroit, and ARodg hasn't shown any consistency since losing our balanced offensive attack.

My point in all of this is the upper management of both the Vikings and Bears (and most other teams for that matter) are continuously looking for opportunities to get better in hopes of vaulting them past their competitors and potentially winning a title. They don't just stand pat and live off of preseason expectations. Thompson made a good call with Rodgers ability to lead this team, but I can't wrap my brain around his stubborness to give up draft picks. For every Greg Jennings, there are 5 Justin Harrell's. Ted stood around and watched the final years of Brett wash away, I hope he doesn't do the same with Rodgers. In my opinion, the NFC is ripe for the taking THIS YEAR! The only possible contenders out of the remaining NFC divisions are New Orleans, Atlanta, and Dallas......and none of these look dominant. Sure we can stand firm with what we've got and squeeze through to the playoffs, but I personally don't see Green Bay making the NFC Championship much less the Super Bowl with the way they are playing. In my opinion, the NFC Central just got tougher and I no longer expect to walk away with this division. I hope TT gets a sense of urgency soon because we are only 1 low tackle from losing Rodgers to a serious injury.

So where do the TT defenders stand today? Any change since last season?


Rubie Q said...

Nope. No change. RB is the most fungible position on the football field. Spending a fourth and a sixth to acquire Lynch would have been overpaying, and TT was right not to do it. We'll get by with Jackson and Kuhn, and Starks should help when he comes off the PUP list.

EMoney said...

Rub - My intention was not focused squarely on the RB position.....but addressing team needs as a whole. But to address your comment, if this indeed is your stance regarding the RB position, then you would be completely against drafting any RB in the first 3 rounds. Is that accurate? So the likes of Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Maurice Jones-Drew would be a waste of a pick in your opinion.

Rubie Q said...

I generally think drafting running backs high is a dicey proposition, yes. Too much wear and tear on that position, and you can readily find 'em on the cheap. Better to build at other skill positions and on defense in the early rounds, I think.

EMoney said...

So do you think that the dynamic duo of Brandon Jackson and John Kuhn is good enough and doesn't need addressing?

PaulNoonan said...

Yes. Rubie is 100% correct. As long as you have an Antowain Smith you're fine. They're fine.

The Packers don't need Randy Moss. In case you haven't noticed they are very very deep at receiver. They need lineman. Free agent linemen are expensive. Thompson started addressing this with Bulaga. He hit the secondary with the unfortunately injured Burnett.

He seems to be doing fine. You hold onto a lot of draft picks specifically because it's a bit of a crapshoot, but it's a cheap crapshoot.

You are a Baffoon said...

Listen, the days of hitting the jackpot with free agents ended back in April when the studs like Peppers signed their lives away. There is a reason Lynch was traded by the worst team in the NFL. I'm not completely sure what it is, but I'm guessin it was a character issue and a BIG ONE. The Packers traditionally have shy'd away from possible thorns like Marshawn and will continue to. I don't know what the solution is at running back to be perfectly honest. Its a passing league, so regardless who is running the pill, they aren't going to get that many meaningful carries anyway. The real issues the Packers have at the moment are maintaining a pass rush and getting their secondary in order which has taken a hit with Burnett going on IR. People hate Teddy boy and that's fine too. He's a calculated guy who barely draws a pulse, do you think he's going to go ape-shit emotionally over an overhyped former first rounder who was stuffed and cuffed only a short couple months ago? Doubt it. People are irrational all the time and right now there's so many over-caffienated Monday morning Packer quarterback's out there right now it's damn near insanity listening to them vomit all over themselves. There is a reason why those so called fans are pen pushers, bell hops, cubicle statues, and door to door salesmen and not GM's of one of the most powerful professional sports organizations in America.

You are a Baffoon said...

No picture, photo, or even a shot of a hot chick Money in this post, pretty weak?

EMoney said...

I'm not over-reacting to either the Moss or Lynch deal....and wasn't trying to insinuate that we should have made moves for either. My point to this post is that we make very little roster adjustments OUTSIDE of the draft.....few trades and few free agent signings. The fact is our roster is getting depleted in certain areas due to injury and old age. We lose Grant, Collins, then Collins' backup Burnett, and now it looks like Nick Barnett may be done for the year. Few teams can afford this kind of roster attrition and still maintain a high level of play and it is ridiculous to expect rookies to step right in and perform at a veteran's level. I just think that this year's NFC is weak and thus a perfect time to sacrifice a couple of mid round picks to try and upgrade a position or two. Obviously I'm in the minority here, so I guess I'll agree to disagree. I hope you guys are right and we walk away with this division and the NFC.

Master Reid said...

Uh oh!!! Looks like my IT guys let their guard down today! I'm back in the buffet bitches!!!

This isn't baseball dude. Trades are so rare in the NFL. These two instances are huge news because of that fact. And these were both disgruntled players, unhappy with their situations, and their teams were not happy with them. Unloading them was deemed better for their teams than hanging onto them, despite their talent levels. Those aren't guys I'm rushing to acquire. And just because the Vikings are willing to change their ways to placate Favre, does not mean that the Packers were wrong not to.

The injuries suck ass, no doubt. But in today's NFL no one has depth to completely cover the injuries the Packers are dealing with. So to say that they need to make a move on account of the injuries, doesn't make a whole lot of sense. I suspect they will end up adding a running back at some point, unless Starks or Nance emerges as a competent back.

But I'm sticking by what I've always said. I'm ok with Ted's philosophy. I think making a move just to make one is dumb, and sometimes dangerous.

EMoney said...

I get his overall philosphy of building through the draft. That's fine....I get the idea and am not opposed to it. But rarely do organizations put together championship teams solely through drafting. The Packers became good in the 90's by adding pieces through 1. Free agency - see Reggie White, Sean Jones, Andre Rison, Keith Jackson and 2. Trade - Eugene Robinson.

I never said make a move simply to make a move. That's asinine. It's up to management to 1. find a guy that's available that plays at a position of need, then 2. determine if he is the right fit at the right price. And while I get making these moves could be dangerous (see the disastrous moves by the Redskins ie. Haynesworth), I hardly think that giving up a 3rd in 1 draft and a 5th in the following is a huge risk. Brandon Jackson was a 2nd rounder and we see what that has brought us. Harrell, a 1st rounder.....has he even hit double digit tackles yet???? AJ Hawk doesn't even start some games and was a top 10 pick! Point being, all draft picks are a crap shoot, so I don't see a huge risk in given a few of these up for PROVEN players. Lynch - Pro Bowler, Moss - Pro Bowler and future hall of famer. (And for the record, apparently Ted agrees with me about Lynch as he did offer but was outbid by Seattle).

I love the core of this team! Can we win the SuperBowl as is this year? It's entirely possible if things go our way. I just worry about our "window" as the health of guys is NEVER a guarantee in the NFL. Rodgers is our key to bringing another championship to GB, but we don't know what is going to happen to him this Sunday no less next year. Thus, I prefer to make bold moves today to try and win it all this year and worry about the 2013 season later when I'm cleaning the SuperBowl Ring that I just won.