Tuesday, January 25, 2011

CHAMPIONSHIP TUESDAY: Bigger loss, JerMichael Finley or Ryan Grant?

In the grand scheme of things it's clear that the Packers have done alot of damage on offense even without the two offensive weapons of Ryan Grant and JerMichael Finley. In my honest opinion, I think losing Finley has been a blessing in disguise for the receiving core for the Packers. I feel that the progression of the group of receivers Driver, Jones, Jennings, and Nelson has helped create a stronger unit than what would have been with Finley being there to zap production and continuity. That said, the loss of Ryan Grant at the beginning of the season, clearly cost the Packers several close games that would have been won had he been there, i.e. Washington and Detroit to name a few. Both were tough losses, but my feeling is Ryan Grant would have been more beneficial down the stretch than what Finley could have provided.


EMoney said...

You know I agree regarding the running game. Grant, while not flashy, gets the job done and then some. Where he was most valuable was inside the 5. Unlike Brandon Jacobs/Aaron Rodgers (those who we tried to punch it in with from the 1/2), Grant converted on a majority of opportunities. And as you state, it cost is games. I would contend that GB would only have 1 regular season loss if Grant doesn't get hurt. At this point, it hasn't officially cost us as we're en route to Dallas to play in Jerry Jones' shrine. That said, I hope that GB doesn't come this far and then sputter in the SuperBowl. Pitt's D is scary and I'm quite nervous relying on a rookie RB in Starks. That's alot of pressure to put on a young carrier of the football.

EMoney said...

Oh, and regarding Finley's latest "crying"....I realize that the SuperBowl picture issue has been resolved and the IR players will be in it, but he needs to shut his trap. I see his point, but the last thing this team needs is some in-house distractions leading up to SuperBowl XLV. When I couple his latest comments with some previous things he said about $/contracts, I can see him being a little bit of a problem. And considering Ted doesn't really put up with such crap (Green Bay in general has never been inviting to pre-Madonna's), Finley could be wearing a different uni in the near future.

Rubie Q said...

I vote for Spencer Havner.